About Us

BetPiece’s journey began in 2022. We decided to create a web project that would help people understand the complexities of online betting and offer the best sportsbooks.


We clearly understood that there were enough such sites in India, but not all of them provided honest and comprehensive articles.

So we began small – we wrote our first reviews, prepared landing pages and started growing!

We caught fire to create the ultimate sports betting review website in India, that would be greatly different from the existing projects on the web.

Today, BetPiece.com has three like-minded people doing quality work.

We have everything we need for that:

  • A wealth of experience
  • A great team
  • And tech solutions

We have studied and loved online betting to the smallest details, and our goal is to help our readers do the same.

We sincerely believe that quality service starts with the team. Even though there are only 3 people in the BetPiece team, each of them is a professional.

Our Values

What matters to us?

Go with the Flow

In 2022 you need to grow constantly and not stand still.

BetPiece.com understands this and that is why they always follow the market novelties.

Be Honest

At BetPiece.com we do our best to give the user honest and latest information, whether it’s a review of yet another sportsbook or a question of the legality of online betting in India.

Be a Team

Our project is a friendly group of people who follow the same idea.

If we achieve something, it’s because of every one of us!

Our Team

Know BetPiece’s heroes by sight!

Suraj Chowdhury

Suraj Chowdhury

Founder / SEO Senior / Author

Suraj is the founder and mastermind behind BetPiece.com, originally from Kohima, Nagaland.

He treats BetPiece like his own child.

The steak and rosemary lover is also well versed in cricket betting and SEO.

Suraj values honesty and promotes it to the mainstream.

Miraya Saha

Miraya Saha

Editor / Author

Miraya is a slender, beautiful girl from Bangalore. Known for her impossibly deep knowledge of the terminology, and cricket rules.

Her dream is to travel more, but she usually flies to the UAE, because there is no need to fly anywhere if Dubai has the biggest, the best, the most beautiful things. In fact, Miraya believes that Dubai is the city of the future!

Aside from that, Miraya also enjoys playing online games. You won’t find a God of War series fan like her, believe us.

She’s a wonderful contributor to the BetPiece team!

Madhur Thaman

Madhur Thaman

CO-Founder / Author

Madhur has been a sports betting enthusiast since he was 20 years old. By the age of 29, he has missed none IPL, ICC T20 matches and he is an avid fan of Royal Challengers Bangalore.

He cannot imagine his life without kabaddi and has supported Patna Pirates since their foundation.

Also, Madhur loves to eat delicious food and thinks that he can improve any dish with curry species.

But that’s not true Madhur! :))

We know Madhur for his high-quality posts and for really knowing what he writes about.

Contact Us

For questions about reviews on the BetPiece site or collaboration, you can contact us on the “Contact Us” page.